Friday, August 29, 2008

Art Journal Notebook

I just started working on a new art journal and this week Inspire me Thursday is about altered notebooks. Thought I would post my beginnings....

Purchased at Michaels, the heavy weight paper pages measure 7” x 10” and are unlined. Originally the notebook contained a total of 125 or so pages. I glued 2 or 3 pages at a time, so now there are 58 pages. I painted the pages that I had glued together. Because I am rather impatient it took me 1 & 1/2 days to get the pages glued and painted. Just couldn't stop once I started that part. I love the way acrylic drys quickly in Arizona's dry environment.

Next....using my digital images, I printed on: lace paper, tyvec, matte paper, canvas, ribbed drawing paper, lutradur, a substrate made from gel media- cheesecloth and golden’s digital ground, and finally a transfer created with gel media and golden’s digital ground. I also used pages from a dictionary, dyed burlap, wire, hemp etc for collage. I tore some images, cut others and started creating some collage and writing. I still have 22 pages that consist of paint only waiting to be collaged before journaling on them.

For the cover I used heavy weight upholstery fabric. For the front and back outside cover I cut strips and pieces of the fabric, and then pieced them together with large stitches. Next some small circular gathered pieces were added. I anchored all the pieces with embroidery thread. Then I glued the front and back outside pieces to the cover with gel media. I added a strip of crocheted cotton yarn to the left front. For the inside covers, I found a piece of fabric that waspieced long ago with digital fabric. I used gel media to attach the scrap piece to the inside back cover and added smaller pieces of the upholstery fabric to fill in some spaces.

So here is a view of some of my almost finished notebook.


  1. this is fabulous, really like it.

  2. Your journal is sooo inspiring! I may actually sit down today and give it a try. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Are the pictures of these journal pages all from one book?

  3. Wow! You said you just started it? You have done so much already. It is an inspiration to look at. I really have to start using the one I bought that is collecting dust.

  4. wow, i'm really impressed! wonderful colors....absolutely beautiful. just stopping by


  5. wow, you have been one busy lady and the results are fabulous.

  6. Looks great! I love all the color.

  7. What an impressive array of pages!

  8. wow, you are off to quite a start! i love the colors and the abstractness of each page (actually a work of art already!). I do hope you will continue post more pics as I would love to see how this journal progresses.

  9. Wonderful altered notebook! You've made a fabulous object!


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