Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Upcoming Workshops at the artists' nook

One of the greatest aspects of digital printing is what can be achieved with a little experimenting with your work and some creativity.

On October 17th I will be teaching a series of workshops in Ft. Collins Colorado. The first of the workshops is “Beginning Digital Printing on Fabric and Specialty Papers” and will enlighten the participants on what can be accomplished with digital prints. This class is not only informative, but can also open all sorts of doors in expanding to another media.

In this workshop we will learn about preparing surfaces, getting a quality print and learning how to create digital prints on surfaces that you may not have thought about. We will also use prints that have been previously printed to create small mixed media compositions or journal pages.

I will have a small 4” x 6” format printer by Epson with me and will demonstrate the use of carrier sheets for difficult surfaces. We will be able to use that printer to print small pieces.

These pages posted here are from one of my notebooks. This one has examples of all sorts of surfaces that I have printed. Here is a list of some of the surface examples in this notebook-

Transfers from ink jet transparency papers on dyed burlap, watercolor paper, metallic crinkle paper, lace paper, canvas and others
Transfers from gel media and Golden digital grounds
Transfers from gel media, dyed cheesecloth and inkAID semi-gloss precoat
Transfers from gel media, Golden mica flakes and Golden digital ground
Transfers from gel media and inkAID white matte precoat
Lutradur distressed by heat
Tyvec distressed by heat
Lace paper
Airiel paper with pumice gel coated with inkAID
Pima tex cotton with Golden digital ground
Pima tex cotton with inkAID semi-gloss precoat
Dyed canvas
Painted watercolor paper

All of these have been printed after the surfaces have been properly prepared. Some of the surfaces are easily printed, but some take a little more preparation and assistance to run through a printer.

To get a complete explanation of all this, join me for the workshop. It will be worth it.


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