Monday, September 29, 2008

Digital Mixed Media Art Journal

On October 18th I will be teaching a workshop on using digital images in art journals. This workshop will be the second of 3 workshops at the artists' nook in Ft. Collins, Colorado. A fabric journal was started while I was thinking about this workshop. My inspiration is creating a journal using all sorts of digital images, printed on many surfaces and not using ideas that I have used before. Well at first this was going to be one journal, but with all the pages and thickness, I have split it up into 5 journals. I am almost done with the pages - only 2 more of the total 60 pages complete. Once the covers are finished I will finish the photographs of the journal pages.

The techniques are many and since the final compositions for the pages were all firsts to me, it was quite a challenge. It will be awesome to share all the ideas to use digital prints on many experimental surfaces during the workshop at the artists' nook.

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  1. KathyAnne, I am so intrigued by everything you're doing . . . how I wish I lived closer! Your workshops look amazing. How about making a DVD of a workshop or two? I know I'd be in the lineup to buy them!


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