Friday, October 3, 2008

Conference Call - Tuesday, October 7 th

On Tuesday, October 7th at 6PM pacific time, I will be giving a short talk and then answering questions on a conference call.

The topic for this month is "Printers and Coatings", I will talk about what printers I prefer for the many surfaces I generally use, as well as what digital pre-coats I prefer. After my 10 minute talk, you will be able to ask questions about this process. Your phone service long distance charges will apply, but there is no other cost to call in.

The number to call is 1-309-946-5200 the access code is 678225 please rsvp to

Please join me next Tuesday for an informative talk on the subject of printers and surfaces.

Also, don't forget I will be at the artists' nook in Ft Collins week after next. October 17th, during the first workshop, "Beginning Digital Printing on Fabric and Specialty Papers", you will learn all you need to start or continue digital printing with your inkjet printer. No experience necessary to take this workshop. All levels welcome:)


  1. what a wonderful gift to be offered the chance to listen in on your call - I am in a class at that time (boo) - and wondered if you had the ability to record the call? (maybe post through youtube or something?) - if so, let us know - I am sure it'd be a valuable resource for everyone! :)

  2. Hey Kyle, I will plan on recording the call, so if all works out, it will be available until the next conference call is recorded over it.

  3. KathyAnne, Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and creative ideas! It was great to hear your voice: it somehow adds an extra layer of authenticity! As I have said before, I am definitely a fan of your work, and techniques!

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