Monday, November 10, 2008

CD Book and Internet Workshops

This is a preview of my new CD Book. Posted, is the book’s introduction, along with a look at some pages.

Entitled "Inside Sensual Surfaces", the book informs you how I started my Forest Trail and Bark pieces and what it takes to create them. The book gives an inside view on Forest Trail, Forest Trail 4, 5, and 6 and Bark 5. If you have any questions about the book you could contact me at Kathyanne Art. The book will be available at the price of $20.00 for a pdf download or $25.00 + $2.00 for shipping for an actual CD.

In January 2009, I will offer an internet workshop based on “inside Sensual Surfaces”. We will cover the technical aspect of the types of art pieces included in the CD. This workshop will expand on the basic information contained in the CD Book. The internet based workshop will take allow the participant to create an original digital image and learn some ideas for manipulating images. Printing images on various surfaces and delve into the multitude of techniques that I use to finish one of these textural pieces.

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  1. I am a textile/mixed media artist and have just moved from Oman to Canada... before that I lived a rather isolated existence in Nigeria and then Holland. Only now do I have easy access to materials and literature and the web!!!

    Check out my blog for one piece of work that is made of plastics and metal... (you need to scroll down) and might be of interest. We could talk this over more off blog if you like.

    I print onto fabrics, plastics and metal and am very excited to learn through "The digital arts studio" book of the possibilities available now with golden digital grounds.

    Good luck with both your book and online courses, I am sure I can learn a lot and hope that I might be able to give something in return one day.


  2. Kathyanne, this looks fabulous. I would have downloaded it already if you had the link in place. And what a wonderful gift for artist friends: for Christmas or their birthdays or just to share learning possibilities!

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