Monday, December 1, 2008


My new ebook is finished! "Inside Sensual Surfaces" takes an in depth look at four art pieces from my Sensual Surfaces Series. Forest Trail, Forest Trail 4, Forest Trail 5 and Bark 5 are the basis for this book. Images described in “Inside Sensual Surfaces” are created in Photoshop CS3. The enclosed images are broken down for viewing in layers, from selections, and then manipulated using filters and blending modes. Instructions on assembling, finishing, materials used and surface preparation are included in the instructions at the end of the CD.

The “Inside Sensual Surfaces” CD can be purchased on KathyanneArt 

Bark 5

Forest Trail 
Forest Trail 4
Forest Trail 5


  1. Just as soon as I get a credit card I will be ordering! (illustrating just one more problem with being a new resident in Canada).

  2. Kathy Anne, I did not see the download option you mentioned earlier.

  3. Hey Carol,

    My web site is being changed to be able to download a pdf. The file is quiet large. I can bill you from paypal and send you the download by email if you want. It is around a 17 mb file, so your email box must be able to accept it.

  4. Have you heard of this?

  5. One more comment:
    I bought and received the download for this CD, and it is amazing!

    KathyAnne, you are doing exciting and innovative work. Thanks for sharing it.

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