Friday, March 20, 2009

FiberARTS April/May 2009 Issue

The new issue of FiberARTS has a blurb in News and Notes, about my Artist Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. I always appreciate magazines including information on my work and FiberARTS is such a great magazine. A picture of Forest Surfaces 12 was included.

FiberARTS recently published an article on Maggie Pavlou, an artist from Los Alamos, New Mexico. Maggie creates clothing from compressed merino wool. After reading the article and ordering some sample squares of the wool I have been experimenting with printing the wool surfaces. That project is ongoing and I have been having success in printing. Now I want to get into some larger pieces to perfect the process. You can purchase this product and others from Outback Fibers.


  1. Kathyanne, NOTHING is safe from your printer!

    Big congrats on the FiberARTS News and Notes. You are someone to note, your work is news. That has to feel gratifying.

  2. Thanks Carol, even as we speak plans for new and exciting surfaces are being made. Stay tuned:)


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