Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Book of Forests #1

Book of Forest #1 both sides of an accordion book.  
The pages are approximately 10" x 10"
Images for this book were taken on a day in
February spent in the Petrified Forest National 
Park in Northern Arizona.  Incredible trees
around 220 million years old-amazing:)

Details of the book follow:

The base for this first detail is a piece of crocheted hemp.  Topping that is a piece of printed tyvec that has been heated to distort the surface.  The tyvec is attached to the base with waxed linen that is also crocheted. 

This next detail is composed of layers of  digital prints on 6 surfaces including handmade paper, canvas, lace paper, metallic crinkle paper, aluminum screen and recycled beverage can pieces attached together with copper wire.

Here is a gel medium transfer on watercolor paper.  The top surface is a combination of dyed burlap with crocheted hemp.  Then printed tyvec has been cut into smaller squares and attached to a natural color of hemp.

These next 2 details are where this book started.  You can see in the bottom of these 2 details is a skin layer as the base.  The skin has been stacked with digitally printed layers of watercolor paper, a skin, metallic crinkle paper, lace paper and pieces of a printed beverage can.  

Other details from my first Book of  Forests.  The top piece is a detail of one of the pages from the book.  The other is the piece of tyvec that is printed and heated.  This piece has been cut up and layered with other digital prints on aluminum screen, heat distressed lutradur and canvas. 

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