Sunday, April 12, 2009

Art In Common

In the next couple of weeks an exciting idea will take shape at

The KathyAnne Art website will have a membership option. For a membership fee of $35.00 a year, a member will receive:
*unlimited downloads of images and tutorials from the KathyAnne Art site
*20% off merchandise offered on the site
*20% off my internet workshops
*membership in a unique private social network, Art in Common: Discovering the possibities with digital imaging

This is the truly exciting part for me!!!! Art in Common is a private social network exclusively for KathyAnne Art members.

Members will be able to post their images for discussions, join discussions other members start, get artwork critiques from members and Kathyanne, ask questions and receive the latest information about digital printing on a variety of surfaces. There will be more as I create and build up the Art in Common services. Members will be able to invite other members, but they will have to be a member of KathyAnne Art in order to do that.

Every week I will post tutorials on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, digital printing hints or ideas on assembling and using prints.
I will be doing tutorials for both the KathyAnne Art website and Art in Common.

Remember, members of KathyAnne Art will get all the tutorials they want with the membership.
I am working on many different types of tutorials about my work and my process.
I will continue to create new images and ideas that will appear on the site and also in Art in Common.
Members can request tutorials on subjects and if I don’t know, someone else on the network may be able to help.

My inspiration is for artists that want to learn about the digital process at all levels will be able to find what they want when using the Art in Common part of the membership.
As both KathyAnne Art grows, so will Art in Common.

I am looking at a way to be able to do video tutorials about my Photoshop process and be able to share it on Art in Common. This is the beginning of something that will grow weekly and as often as I can create ways for artists and individuals to use and print digital images.

If you have any questions, or want to do a pre-sign up, contact me.
You can get started at Art in Common by working on your page and taking a look around.

The membership option on KathyAnne Art will launch sometime this month.
I will announce the membership option launch as this happens.

Art in Common is already working and waiting for members to start participating☺

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