Sunday, April 26, 2009



At the end of June – the 25th and 26th I will be teaching a couple of one day workshops at ARTFIBERFEST in Portland Oregon. One of those workshops will be about creating and using digital prints in journals. We will be putting together journals with images from digital files and images students bring to the class. On my Epson Dash, we will create a wonderful array of digital prints to build unique journals.
Digital Textile Journal is a quick look at printing on fabric. (For class description see my blog post of January 11, 2009) It is amazing the results that are possible in printing fabrics that have been coated with a pre-coat such as inkAID. The vivid prints on fabric, even created on an Epson that prints only 4” x 6” photos is awesome. Using a carrier sheet and a little care in starting the surface through the printer, I have printed aluminum cans, pimatex cotton, lutradur, hand made substrates, organdy, rice paper, tyvec among others on my Epson Dash. Digital Textile Journals is a great little workshop and if you want to start experimenting with printing on fabrics you choose and prepare, you can begin your journey here.

Once the prints are ready, the possibilities for building compositions in your journal are unlimited. One of the things I love about these workshops are the individual expressions from these journals. Everyone is unique in their personality and as each individual builds their journals it is inspiring to see their presence in their work.

Join me at ARTFIBERFEST in this innovative leading edge workshop☺

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