Sunday, June 7, 2009

Portland Oregon Workshops

On June 26th I will be teaching a couple of workshops in Portland Oregon at ARTFIBERFEST 2009.  Right now, ARTFIBERFEST is doing a one day drop in rate so anyone can take one workshop without staying for the whole time of the venue.  This means that if you are in or around the Portland area, you could take a one day workshop that would cover the basics of digital printing on fabric.  

Digital Textile Journal is the title of the workshop and we will be learning about how to print on fabric and then use the prints in collage work for journal.  Since it is a one day workshop we will use fabrics that have already been pre-coated for printing.  The workshop participants will get complete instructions on how to coat and print fabrics.  We will use my Epson PM 260 Dash to print 4" x 6" images to be used in the projects.

This is a great way to get an introduction to digital printing on fabrics.  If you are interested in taking advantage of the special drop in rate for one workshop ($160) please email Teesha Moore.  

My other workshop is available the same way.  You can check out one of my older blog posts from January 11th of this year.  This post gives the details of both my workshops at ARTFIBERFEST 2009 - Cover it Funky and Digital Textile Journal

Join me at ARTFIBERFEST for one of my workshops, or come for the entire retreat and have a great weekend!!!

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