Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yosemite National Park Tessellations

Yosemite was on the agenda last week. One of the most beautiful places in the world, Yosemite National Park is located in Northern California in the High Sierras and contains nearly 1200 miles. I first visited the park in 2005 for an artist residency and have been back every year since.

This year we visited familiar places and enjoyed some that were new to us. Mariposa grove is my favorite. The majestic trees are incredible. We hiked to the upper grove (which by the way is where the best of the trees call home) at 8 AM and were magically alone to enjoy the awesome environment. We spent 3 hours hiking and only when we were back at the bottom of the lower grove did we see any other hikers.

Since returning with over 2000 photographs, I am exploring some natural tessellations and then creating some of my own. One of the places in Yosemite that has a base for natural tessellations is Mirror Lake. This quiet, engaging lake is a short hike and well worth it. It is a great place to visit in all the seasons and enjoy the changes.

Yosemite Falls never ceases to amaze. No matter what point of view you see it is a massive powerful falls. At this time of year, there is no major crashing of ice as it melts and flows, but the falls is impressive just the same.

Enjoy these tessellations from my recent visit to Yosemite. These images are available on KathyAnne Art. Visit the entire Yosemite Collection or click the link and you will see the start of these images at the bottom of the page. Browse to the next few pages for the rest. Members get unlimited downloads with their membership. Non-members can download images on a pay per image basis.

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  1. 2,000 photos!

    I hope you have a good organizational system, and at least triple backups.

    By the way, a tech guy at work, when asked, said he has several backups at home, several online, and he sends them, regularly, to trusted family/friends in DVD form.

    Makes you pause, doesn't it--with one little backup between you and the loss of your images? Or are you better fortified than that?

    Oh, and the images, are absolutely stunning! That's what got me into "Keep good care of these!" mode.


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