Friday, November 6, 2009

Journals with Digital Elements Workshop

Have you ever considered using digital elements in your journals or art books?  In this workshop you will design and construct your own original journal from cover to cover.  Exploring the numerable possibilities for using digital prints, patterns and textures in journals, art journals or art books.  Experiment with images and create surfaces that can be printed on ink jet printers.

You will:
Dye, paint and/or overprint the base pages
Work with inkAID digital grounds to coat surfaces for printing
Create transparent or textural skins
Print on fabric using carrier sheets
Design your pages in the journal
Create a cover
Put it all together

Questions are welcome at anytime.  This is an online workshop and can be accessed at any time.

The accompanying video has the following segments:
A chat about the workshop
Making a cheesecloth skin
Create painted pages
Overprint painted pages
Melt tyvek and lutradur
Take a look at how journals are created
A complete look at an art journal from start to finish

This workshop is $50.00 and can be purchased with the buy now button below.
For members log in to the KathyAnne Art site, purchase the workshop on the site and save 20%.

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