Friday, November 27, 2009

Design Intriguing Surfaces Ebook

Intended to inspire and spark artist’s creativity, “Designing Intriguing Surfaces” is the first ebook in a series that will combine digital printing with alternative surfaces.  Silk, canvas, lutradur, organdy, pimatex cotton, tyvek and several types of paper are included in this ebook, to highlight surfaces that can be printed on any straight path inkjet printer.  This enables the artist to work with regular non art type printers. Of course the surfaces are also wonderful when printed on archival art printers also. The techniques can be used by anyone that wants to experiment and create this type of work.

“Design Intriguing Surfaces” includes precoating surface instructions, helpful hints and a complete supplier list.  Each page is filled with visual eye candy that encompasses prints on the various surfaces discussed and also details of completed art work.

Since my work is influenced by forests, textures are evident in the process of my digital prints. I believe there are unlimited possibilities to use digital prints in all sorts of manners in art.  This book will open a series on that path.  The second book, already in the works “Assemble Intriguing Surfaces” will take the reader into the ways I construct some of these prints into art books and other art work.  From there I will be doing one on: texture, printing with a mini printer, skins with added elements, recycled beverage cans and metal mesh.  These subjects will in turn create other ideas to take this series of books further. 

You can purchase your copy of “Designing Intriguing Surfaces”  by download or on a cd.
Members of KathyAnneArt  receive 20% off the price of 9.99 for the download and $25.00 for the CD version.  Members be sure to sign in to get your discount, once the item is in the cart your discount will appear.


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