Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Journals are wonderful creation tools.  To me journals embrace a special essence.  They are individual visions of the person constructing them.  Journals come in infinite styles and can be in the art category or the journal writing category. 

In April from the 18th to the 24th, I will be teaching an informative, inspiring workshop in “Digital Mixed Media Fiber Journals”  The workshop will take place at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in Greenville, New York.  Class description and workshop information is available on the FiberArts Workshops Site.

When I approach journal making, one of the first choices to be made is the type of journal to be created.  The 2 types of journals we will explore for this workshop, will
be either an art journal, or a personal type journal.  Art journals are a way to create a mixed media piece on a subject.  Each page becomes a mini composition.  These journals, or art books are a wonderful way for an artist to express ideas.   Personal journals will be built to be writable so they can evolve over a period of time with written and drawn entries. 

During the 5 day workshop we will create the base for the journal from fabric and/or paper and everything else that will be included.  Each student will print digital images that they can alter and use in the journals as collage or another element.  Complete instructions will be given on how to prepare and print different types of fabric and paper, so printing skills can be used once the workshop is complete.

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Journal Examples follow:

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  1. The art journals looks amazing, Kathyanne, and I realized (too late) that The Hudson Valley Art Workshops are only 8 hours away from me!!!

    I am determined to take advantage of your tremendous knowledge, experience, and creativity in the near future.


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