Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alaska Fiber Festival - Textural Surfaces

On March 8 and 9, 2010, I will be teaching a 2 day workshop "Extreme Textural Surfaces" at Alaska Fiber Festival in Anchorage Alaska.  This interesting workshop will explore a variety of techniques to go beyond the flat surface.  We will combine different elements to create uncommon ways to build textural surfaces.  This expanding look at textures can be an amazing journey.  Participants will originate ideas on what works best with the way they work.  It's all about the surface and the individuality of the creator.

Magic happens in this workshop.  When participants start to imagine what they can do that they haven't before, it's enlightening.

Questions of this or any workshop for Alaska Fiber Festival, contact me.


  1. What an incredible opportunity to visit Alaska KathyAnne. I've always wanted to visit there. Lucky you!

  2. Thanks, Sue, I'm excited to be going there to teach these workshops. It will be a wonderful week:)

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