Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beginning Digital Printing

On March 7th, 2010, my "Beginning Digital Printing on Fabric" workshop will be offered at Alaska Fiber Festival.  This workshop will offer the participants all they need to know about digital printing on fabric.  Although we will not be able to actually coat the surfaces because of time constraints, the participants will be able to print images during the workshop.

We will use my little 4" x 6" Epson PM 260 Dash for the printing.  The wonderful thing about this printer, is students get first hand experience with carrier sheets and surfaces that can easily be printed on any straight pass through printer.  It will be easy for the students to transfer their new skills to printing at home or workspace.  Students will receive written instructions for coating fabrics and other paper surfaces.

The students will also get some experience with using their digital prints in small compositions.  We will use a journal format to do some collage with the prints created in the workshop.

Questions?  Contact me.

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