Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Polymer Clay Journal Covers

Book of Forests 6 was completed at the end of January during Winter Play in Port Townsend Washington. Teesha and Tracy Moore were the hosts for this incredible weekend.  Lots of time to concentrate and create as well as enjoy the other participants.  My focus was to use the polymer clay covers for my latest art book - Book of Forests 6.   To the left above, you see the front and back covers.  The darker is the front and composed of polymer clay, that has embedded wire mesh on the surface.  Holes are drilled for other elements to be attached with wires.


This book is composed of a multitude of digitally printed surfaces that have been assemble to make up the pages.
Printed lace paper with printed canvas accents.
Printed lace paper, printed vellum, wire mesh,
printed canvas, beads.
Printed cheesecloth skins, printed lutradur, printed watercolor paper.

Printed vellum, collaged and printed watercolor paper, crocheted hemp, printed beverage can, wire and beads.
Printed copper and bronze mesh with brass wire

Printed aluminum screen, beads, wrapped ring.

Top view of Book of Forests 6.  Pages are around 5" x 5".  These book pages will be included in my ebook in progress "Assemble Intriguing Surfaces"  Hopefully the book will be available in April.  
"Assemble Intriguing Surfaces" will document how many of my assemblages are created with lots of visuals and creative ideas.  


  1. Amazing surfaces and enjoyable to read about them.

  2. I can see why you were so excited about this workshop. The covers look very organic and seeing the texture makes me want to reach out and touch them, which is the whole idea!

    I imagine that you used your many intriguing textured materials to press into the clay and form those textures.

  3. You are right on, Carol, I did press whatever textural item I could find into the clay. Then once the clay cooled, I rubbed all sorts of paint and metallics in the cracks and on the surface. Once I rubbed them in some of them were then rubbed off.

    I also embedded wire mesh, waxed linen thread and some wire into the surface before I baked it. It will take some trial and error, but I can see combining wood veneer with the clay. Something else to think about:)


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