Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amazing Workshop Week at the Greenville Arms Inn

It was my extreme pleasure to teach a mixed media workshop in Greenville New York last week. Kim and Mark LaPolla have an incredible venue for their Hudson River Valley Art and Fiber Art Workshops at their Greenville Arms Inn.  Their list of workshops and instructors is long and mighty and offers opportunities for artists to learn and hone their skills in a peaceful creative environment.  

I loved the classroom, which is roomy, has great light, comfortable chairs and is open 24-7.  Mark is a wonderful cook and each meal is impressive.  You couldn't ask for a better environment in which to participate or teach a workshop. Kim and Mark are super hosts!!

The workshop was 5 days and we worked and produced a ton of work.  There is nothing better for me then combining digital media into mixed media art.  The workshop "Digital Mixed Media Fiber Journals" instructs artists to digitally print on uncommon surfaces and then combine the digital results in their artwork.  One of the treasures of the 5 day workshop format, is the freedom of time in constructing artwork. Each artist achieves varied results in their own vision.  With the classroom available non stop, you can always go back after dinner to work.

Jump on the internet and check out the information on the InnSane blog about the various workshops at the Greenville Arms. You can view content of some of the past workshops and get general information.

I am excited to be going back to teach at Hudson River Valley Fiber Art Workshops July 1-7, 2012.  I will be doing a complete digital printing workshop.  This workshop will teach how to print on recycled beverage cans, skins, specialty fabrics and surfaces, along with having the time to manipulate photoshop files and assemble the surfaces created in the workshop.  The workshop description will be posted soon. Although the workshop is a bit away, we will be taking sign ups for participants to take advantage on todays prices for early bird registration.  Details coming soon.  If you have any questions about this digital workshop, you could email me.

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