Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yavapai College Gallery Show

This is turning into a white knuckler, but on May 17th I will be delivering my work for an exhibition at Yavapai College Gallery.  The work for this show will be from my Artist Project Grant 2009 from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

My project "Expanding the Digital Print to Uncommon Surfaces"  took me on a fabulous journey.  From creating digital prints on beverage cans, metal mesh, my hand made amate bark paper and many other surfaces, I was able to do some incredible things with digital prints.  This will be my first chance to photograph this work in one place that is also large enough to do justice to my beverage can assemblages.  There will be 3 beverage can assemblages.  Now all I have to do is finish the last 2 planned pieces.

The pieces for Mariposa Grove 3, the largest of the 2 unfinished pieces, has several phases of creation.  All the beverage cans have been cut to size to assemble as of yesterday.  Then holes punched, before going to the next step.  Once those pieces have holes punched they get a strand of hemp tied to each corner. Then the centers have to be punched and hemp strung in the middle holes for the next step. Small pieces of a print on hand made amate bark paper is wrapped around twigs and attached to the hemp in the center hole.  Once those steps are complete the pieces will be tied together in 10 foot strips.  After today, I will have a better idea of the amount of time still left to finish this piece.

Twigs to be added, bark to be cut.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the gallery director for us to figure out exactly how this can be hung from the ceiling.  This will be interesting, but we have to solve the problem of how to hang the piece in the way I envision.  By Monday, I hope to have it pretty much finished.
Pieces before twigs and bark.
Pieces complete and ready to be tied together for the assemblage.

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