Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dyed and Painted Journal Pages

Here is a little hint on getting interesting color when painting paper or fabric.

In my art journals, overprint digitals, any type of books, I often paint watercolor paper as a base.  My favorite paper Fabriano Artistico hot press 140 lb watercolor has a scrumptious hand. Of course it is watercolor paper, but there is not a watercolor palette involved.  I use acrylic or liquid acrylic with water mixed with different colors of dye.  Type of dyes? Procion Fiber Reactive Dye in powder form from Dharma Trading Company.  Many times, it is the left over dye from other projects that is used to color the acrylics.  

Mixing dys with the acrylic paint does great thing to the colors.  The color is mixed right on the paper or fabric.  Sometimes the dyed water is lightly spilled on the paper first before adding some splashes of paint.  Other times a few dabs of acrylic will be first and a very wet brush with the dye water will spread the acrylic around.  The technique is spontaneous and quick and many sheets can be colored in a short period of time.  

Here is the workspace set up and some of the results.  These pages are for a combination fabric and watercolor paper that is currently in construction.


  1. more! more! more!- I love this- I love the colors. I do something similar= even saving the paper towels I use to mop up with. It's ALL game!

  2. Wen-
    It's great isn't it? Nothing better then creating with spontaneity the key. Wish I had time to do this right now:) Cheers!


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