Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mariposa Grove 3 Almost Ready

Today was spent reconfiguring my large piece for the opening of an exhibition on Friday night.  See yesterdays blog post for the details.  Well the piece is now almost ready, just a few things to do while it is on the wall.  Here are pics of todays progress, starting with the piece after it was taken apart and put on the floor to rearrange.

Back up with a few things to straighten fix

The drawback of  pictures is they cannot show the detail, texture or feel of this piece.
Finished size is 103" in length, 120" in width.  There are 2200 cut can pieces that
have been digitally printed.  There were 350 cans printed to create this piece.
The piece is joined with hemp and has twigs wrapped in amate bark paper on the 
center of each can piece.


  1. This piece has to be seen to be fully appreciated, obviously, but I get a sense of your vision and am blown away by it.

    I'm wondering: was the problem that the gallery couldn't hang it from the ceiling, as in the previous post? Could you build a free-standing structure to hang it on, or even a structure that hung from the wall and then supported your pieces as you wanted them to hang? (It's too late for this showing, but perhaps for another.)

    I can see that dealing with the logistics of hanging a large, complicated piece is challenging.

  2. Hi Carol, I kind of had a vision for this piece and a preliminary discussion with the in gallery director went along with my vision. The biggest problem was that the ceiling in the gallery is actually around 40 ft high and nothing up there to attach anything to. Since the piece in the round has to be 50" from the wall that wasn't going to work either. So in order to hang it I mde concessions and went with an alternative solution. I have some other ideas for the next time.....


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