Monday, November 22, 2010

Forest Book Amate Bark Page

This page is 48" x 24" and is several prints on paper made with the Amate Bark Process.  This is a several day process, but the results are always beautiful and full of texture.  I used Kozo Fiber from Japan.  The picture below are the 2 full panel used, you can see one has more holes in the surface then the other.

The prints are attached to a piece of wood.  Dyed cheesecloth is attached to the surface of the wood with gel medium.  The 2 larger prints are stacked and attached together with waxed linen with a large bead strung in between the panel layers.  This keeps the layers separate. The print with more holes is on top.  The edges are extended by using the smaller pieces with large beads and waxed linen

A cursory look at the process goes like this: soak the fibers overnight.  Boil the fiber and transfer it to a crock pot to simmer between 8 to 12 hours.  Layer the bark horizonally and vertically and again, depending on the thickness wanted.  Then pound together with a smooth rock and let it dry.  Coat with the inkAID precoat of choice.  Let dry again and print from a carrier sheet.

Detail pictures appear on my kathyannewhite texture blog.


  1. These are so cool! Wish I could see them "in person"!! Thanks for posting these images..

  2. Thanks, Dave, can't wait until I have enough to start showing them.


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