Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forest Book Metal Mesh

Metals and metal mesh in various forms are the basis for this page in my giant Forest Book.  This page measures 4 feet heigh and 2 feet wide.  It starts with a piece of plywood, sanded, varnished and used for a base for riveting all the metals.  Tracy Moore taught me this technique at a workshop in his studio on forged metal journals.

As the page begins, I start to cut up some of the metal to start riveting pieces to the pages.  These are digital prints on recycled printers plates.

Digitally printed metals include: beverage cans, recycled printer plates, fine copper mesh, aluminum and copper screen. Most of the metals are riveted, some of the pieces are attached with waxed polyester thread.  Cord of waxed polyester thread are cut and attached to use with 3D collage.
All the surfaces have been digitally printed, most using a Clear Matte Precoat from inkAID.  Some of the mesh and metals have been cut and strung together with beads.
This detail shows recycled printers plates attached in strands and also riveted right to the page.  For more detail pictures of this page see my Kathyanne White Texture Blog.

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