Saturday, December 18, 2010

Art Unraveled 2011Workshops - August 2nd and August 9

I am truly excited to be teaching at Art Unraveled again this coming year.

My workshops: Dimensional Collage with Digital Medium will take place on August 2, 2011.
Here's the class description:

All levels
Project and Process

Using digital images and dimension with collage adds depth and interest to all types of artwork.  Before coming to the workshop each participant will email me images so they can be printed on several alternative surfaces and be ready to use in your designs.  During the class you will use these images as you combine other elements for dimensional colllage.

We will create artwork that is uniquely yours.  Starting with your digital images we will
construct a collection of small compositions.  These compositions can be put into book form, or stand alone as collage pieces.  There will be instructions to accomplish the format that works for you. 

Constructing the base and working from there, our digital images and other elements will be assembled and embellished.  Participants will also receive verbal and written instructions on how to prepare fabrics in the future to print on their inkjet printers.

My workshop: Can-Can Art will take place on August 9, 2011.

Here's that class description:

All levels
Project from process

Ever thought of digitally printing on a beverage can and incorporating it into your art work?  Well here is your chance. 

This is a 2 part process/project workshop.  First will be complete instructions on how to prepare cans for successful printing, with full written instructions.  There will be a demo and hands on prep for the cans to understand how to complete this process later on your own. This will allow you to take this process home to your inkjet printer and print your own images on cans.  (You will ultimately need a straight path printer for this process.) 

As we start the next phase of the workshop, we will use the pre-printed cans from your kit to assemble your project. Making little elements and/or objects with the printed cans from your kit, we will learn the ins and outs of construction.  Follow your own inspiration, or use step by step instructions to build your creation. 

It is amazing how many ways this surface can be used to add interest to your art, mixed media work and journals.  We will explore many ideas and assemblage techniques for you to go ahead with this process.  Join us and be inspired to recycle beverage cans in a unique artsy context.  


  1. Lucky you ever do an email course..would be very iknterested. Lynda (UK)

  2. The workshops look FABULOUS!!

    Love the name Can-can art.

    Wish I could-could take them.

  3. Hey Lynda and Carol, May have been awhile but I appreciate your comments.

    Lynda I have online workshops in related topics on my website. Under collections they are in the tutorial section.

    Carol, the credit for the title goes to Linda who is the head of Art Unraveled. I had a boring title, she made the selection and I loved it!


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