Friday, December 31, 2010


December 31, 2010 on my deck.
This is the time for new year resolutions. I seriously consider these all the time.  I think and pile on all those things wonderful ideas about art, growth, accomplishing what I want blah blah blahI and decide what I think I should do.  This year I have some incredible ideas about learning new computer software.  Just got Corel's Painter 11 and absolutely love their brushes. Have lots more to learn in InDesign and Illustrator and a program that will allow me to create my own fonts.  I already have a schedule to write more consistently on my blogs blocked out.........and then I realize what ends up happening with all those lofty ideas.... they are made -now -today -without any thought to where I will be or how I will be feeling when I have to keep my agreement with my resolutions.  Then you know what happens?  Life gets in my way and while I am doing life, in the back of my mind I think of what I said I would do and haven't.  
I create, that's what I do and that is what I am going to keep doing everyday for this year and all the years after.  In creating there are no rules.  So here's my this new years solution resolution. For 2011- I created a treasure box.  Everyday I will make a contribution to my treasure box.  What that will be....I have no idea.....the surprise of it........that is the key.  I have no idea what will land in my treasure box day to day, but I am looking forward to the journey and that is awesome.  
For this year, remember, there are no ordinary moments.

December 31, 2010 from my studio porch.

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  1. I got a bunch of new software last year that I wanted to learn how to use...didn' hopefully this will be the year that I do so! Have fun with yours!!


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