Sunday, January 9, 2011

In My Studio This Week

This first week of 2011 was inspirational and interesting in my studio.  Most of the week was spent finishing proposals for upcoming workshops.  In the process of doing so, I was working with a new idea about creating dimensional and 3d collage with wire mesh.  Instead of digitally printing the mesh, I used some digital prints on wood veneer, and copper mesh.  These items are combined with wire, beads, hardware cloth, waxed linen and colored plastic covered wire. 

The wonderful outcome of working with the mesh came from seeing the materials in layers.  The see thru property of the mesh combined with the delicacy of the other pieces is incredible and something I will be working on in larger pieces for my series of giant sized books.  Go to my textural blog to see some of the detail pics of the beginning of this process.

The rest of what I pursued this week will turn into a series of online video workshops for my Kathyanne Art website.  These workshops will be about combining surfaces for collage and journal projects or artwork. We will work with getting the surfaces ready and explore ideas for using the surfaces.

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