Monday, January 31, 2011

Reconstructing Mariposa Grove 3

My process of art is ever evolving. Taking this piece, Mariposa Grove 3, from where it was to where I want it to be was the focus of my weekend.  The untangling and repositioning will probably take another day or so, but here is the first section ready to hang.  The other part will be the same size as this one and is being finished.  It is now manageable to ship and show.

Before the changes, it would take me to set it up each time, this new configuration takes care of the problems.  (For the first configuration see my post of May 18, 2010 for the second see my post of May 19, 2010)   What I did was place the piece on one of my 4ft  x 8 ft tables with the back side up.  Once the section was straightened and untangled, I used jute twine to attach all the single columns.  It created a stability in the piece.  Here are some pics, my studio ceiling is not tall enough to hang the piece without the bottom touching the floor.  Next week I will hang the piece outside for proper pictures.

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