Sunday, January 16, 2011

ARTFEST 2011 Workshops

One of the exciting workshops I will be teaching at ARTFEST 2011 in April this year is on the 8th entitled “Layered 3-D Collage”.  This interesting workshop is based on building textures and dimension.  Techniques from this workshop are just the start of an infinite amount of ways to build interest in your art.  The workshop incorporates little challenges where I will supply students with items to stimulate a unique 3-D element.  We will also make a 3-D artist card including what is designed in the workshop.  Imagination and risk will play a role in this unique workshop. 
I encourage you to bring any found or dimensional object to this workshop to incorporate in a design.

There are plenty of designs on my texture blog and all over the web that include my 3-D and textural work. Here a few little pics to add to those:)

Passing on what I have learned with digital printing is something near and dear to my heart.  At ARTFEST 2011, I will be teaching “Printing Alternative Surfaces”  in which we will discover how to digitally print on surfaces other then the norm of photo paper.  The surfaces chosen for this workshop give a wide range of what can be printed and will add texture to the prints.  Any question you have ever had about digital printing on fabrics and specialty surfaces will be covered and my aim is for everyone in the workshop to go home feeling confident about printing on their own. 
There are only 3 spaces left in “Printing Alternative Surfaces” on April 7, at ARTFEST, so if you are interested make sure you sign up soon.  Here are a few Southwest style images to be printed on the various surfaces we will use in the workshop.

youtube videos on these workshops:


  1. I am enrolled in your Alternative Surfaces class at ArtFest. I have to say it was difficult not chosing both of your classes. Hopefully, I can pick up a tip or two about 3-D collage also in the Surfaces class. I am going to spend more time here on your blog!

  2. it will be great to meet you at my workshop. Check my textural blog too from time to I post a textural surface a week. See you in April:)


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