Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beverage Cans and Crochet

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Colorado on a trip that combines business and pleasure.  Why is it that whenever I leave my studio for a bit I think I have to set up all sorts of work on the road?   Then even as I drag the work in progress with me, I could never possibly finish much of it when I am out of town.  Case in point today while trying to clean my studio a bit and get a little further on some of the projects for deadline, I get involved in setting up the pieces to continue work on my 4 foot tall Forest Book.  This page involves beverage cans and crocheted hemp.  So even when I should be packing, I am cutting cans and punching holes in them to string them on hemp to crochet while I am out of town.   At least I had the cans printed from a few weeks ago, so I wasn't varnishing them in a hurry to get them ready to string. 
Looks like this right now as I work through the pile to punch holes:) to add to the crochet section.


  1. WoW! I love the combination of metal and thread! AND I would love to see your studio!

  2. You are welcome to visit my studio anytime! If you want to learn more about digital printing, you could do a couple days private training:) Either way if you get to the Prescott area let me know and you can have a tour and I can give you some demos on different techniques of assemblage.

  3. What a great mix of media--thread and metal! It's very compelling.

  4. Thanks, Quinn, love your description of compelling. Hoping to get this piece to 24" x 48" in the next couple weeks! I'll post it when it's done.


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