Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building Studio Journals

Keeping a studio journal is a great idea and one that I let go for long periods of time.  Once Sue Bleiweiss asked me to participate in both her Sketchbook Challenge Blog and her actual Sketchbook Challenge Book (tag line to be announced - book in mid 2012)  I have given more thought to incorporating what I call sketch-journals into my art practice.  Participating in Sue’s book was a gift in more ways then one.  Actually doing a studio journal type idea lead me to focus on documenting my art in a better way.  The fun part is that I love doing the mini creation of books to go with my artwork and increase the viewers awareness of what I am thinking.  
Without a narrative it is easy to see that when photographs are taken of my beverage can installations and some of my other digital imagery assemblages, the viewer doesn’t get the full idea of what goes into the artwork. Especially if they are only seeing a photograph.   I have to agree that the transition of thought from beverage cans to rich lush forests may be a leap for the person taking in the artwork.  The viewers don't see the fluidity of the piece as you run it over your hand.  They don't see the light shining on the metals that move and reflect like the leaves moving in a tree.  If you have never been in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park as the sun comes up, you may not have the experience of the massive giants that grow there over hundreds of years and how the patterns run off them in amazing ways in their bark and form.  No one has any idea of where an artist is or what they were thinking unless you share it with them.  
This led me to creating a workshop on exactly how I have designed my studio journals.  So this months mini workshop is “ Building a Studio Journal”.  In this workshop I share my path to creating the basics of my sketch-journal and then other elements can be added as the book progresses.  The great part of it all for me is that I have places to play and write quotes or doodle and then have other pages to do the documentation of my work.  
Studio Journals Mini Workshop is posted on KathyAnne Art and since it is the workshop of the month it is free to members.  Go to my INSIDE KATHYANNEART BLOG for details.  

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