Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeremy Sutton

Not being a truly organized person myself, organizing my images is beyond my chaotic thought process.  I am fascinated by artists who can always put things in order and be utterly creative.  Not me, but I love them for it.  So while I was watching a webinar from Corel featuring Jeremy Sutton - (Corel Painter Master) -one of the first things that struck me was his deliberate ways of saving multiple files for images.  
Jeremy documents and saves sequential versions of his images created during his process.  He keeps a file of working images and source images for each of his pieces.  He didn’t comment about backing up, but with his consistent way of handling images that has to be a given.  As someone who recently crashed a hard drive loosing 1T of her image archives, I longed for not only having my images in that kind of shape, but having my images at all.  Sutton's system is explained in his books and DVD’s.  One reason alone to have one of his books on your bookshelf.  (See Jeremy's books and DVD's at PaintboxTV)
There are many inspiring aspects of Sutton’s work.  When you view his art, you immediately understand Jeremy “gets” his subject. He paints and represents them in a soulful way.  Watching Sutton work was an extreme pleasure as he brought out the essence of his subject.  His photographic images are already expressive and he enhances them in a way only he can.  

(This is the image he used in the webinar)

Jeremy’s genius as he demonstrated his techniques through Painter 12 was truly inspiring.  I especially appreciated the care he takes with building texture.  Even if in the final image you only see a minuscule piece of texture, he textures the canvas for that little bit.
Last year I bought my first copy of Painter with Painter 11.  When the upgrade-12- was released, I upgraded mostly for the kaleidoscope tool.  My idea was that with the kaleidoscope tool I can create even more textures to be buried in my layers by bringing what I create in Painter to Photoshop.  I haven’t worked with Painter enough to really know much about the program, but I see how valuable it can be to my work.  I’ve been searching to find someone to learn from.  Once I saw Jeremy work, I realized what a magnificent creator he is with painter. Jeremy Sutton is a thorough and thoughtful teacher.  He is a master and I will be spending more time with his books, dvds and workshops.  In March of 2012 I plan to go to his studio in San Francisco to participate in “The Painter Creativity Workshop”  

Photoshop has been my image manipulation choice from the beginning.  (Wasn’t it on floppies back then?)  I chose to take a look at Painter from a trial version.  I tried their brushes and thought they were brilliant.  There is a lot of value for me and my work in Painter and now I found someone I want to learn from and be inspired by.  There is nothing better then that.  Imagine the possibilities with my hand built alternative surfaces......  

Enjoy Jeremy Sutton’s work posted here, with his permission.  

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  1. Oh, Jeremy is great! I've taken short seminars with him over the years when he's been at Macworld in San Francisco.
    And, yes, Photoshop was on floppies back then. I started with version 2, and what a long, long way it's come!!


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