Monday, July 4, 2011

Redesigning my Studio

Since mid June I have been redesigning my studio for a different flow.  My new printers are larger than the old ones, so the office had to be moved around.  When the larger printer moved in one of my large desks had to move out to the other part of my studio.  That was months ago, but I have tendency to pile things and move them out of the way to work until it is impossible and I have to do something about it. This allows me to get better use out of everything and let go of what I don't need.   Since I am having a digital printing workshop here in 12 days from now, the last few weeks have been the perfect time to finish organizing.

One of the added inspirations for me during this process was to start painting my walls in a fun way.  I started in one corner of my studio, did a base of a sort and turned the wall into a huge journal.  What I love about it is that when I am working  the wall is easy access to play for awhile.  The next wall is all picked out to continue the flow:)

Starting Out
Adding Color
Work in Progress


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