Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Not Just Digital Printing" Workshop

On July 16 and 17, 2011 I will be teaching a workshop "Not Just Digital Printing" In my studio in Prescott, Arizona.  This workshop will focus on printing and assembling alternative surfaces.  Where digital printing is concerned my goal is to discover the possibilities between the surface created, the inkAID precoat used and the printer capabilities.  We will use and Epson Stylus Photo R3000 for most of the printing, but students will also rint at least one print on the Epson Stylus Pro 7890.  This will be hands on experience with a couple of Epson's newest printers.

We will prepare and pring metal mesh, lightweight metal and beverage cans along with surfaces we build from scratch.  Students will get a well-rouded look at the digital printing process with alternative surfaces.  At the same time preprinted surfaces will be available for students to get an idea of innovative ways to assemble digital prints and create studies for future projects.

The workshop fee of $350 includes all supplies

For a complete prospectus contact me.

To register and save your spot click the buy now button.  Since this is in my studio there are limited spaces available.  When you register you will receive information on travel and a prospectus.

Building Studio Journals

Keeping a studio journal is a great idea and one that I let go for long periods of time.  Once Sue Bleiweiss asked me to participate in both her Sketchbook Challenge Blog and her actual Sketchbook Challenge Book (tag line to be announced - book in mid 2012)  I have given more thought to incorporating what I call sketch-journals into my art practice.  Participating in Sue’s book was a gift in more ways then one.  Actually doing a studio journal type idea lead me to focus on documenting my art in a better way.  The fun part is that I love doing the mini creation of books to go with my artwork and increase the viewers awareness of what I am thinking.  
Without a narrative it is easy to see that when photographs are taken of my beverage can installations and some of my other digital imagery assemblages, the viewer doesn’t get the full idea of what goes into the artwork. Especially if they are only seeing a photograph.   I have to agree that the transition of thought from beverage cans to rich lush forests may be a leap for the person taking in the artwork.  The viewers don't see the fluidity of the piece as you run it over your hand.  They don't see the light shining on the metals that move and reflect like the leaves moving in a tree.  If you have never been in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park as the sun comes up, you may not have the experience of the massive giants that grow there over hundreds of years and how the patterns run off them in amazing ways in their bark and form.  No one has any idea of where an artist is or what they were thinking unless you share it with them.  
This led me to creating a workshop on exactly how I have designed my studio journals.  So this months mini workshop is “ Building a Studio Journal”.  In this workshop I share my path to creating the basics of my sketch-journal and then other elements can be added as the book progresses.  The great part of it all for me is that I have places to play and write quotes or doodle and then have other pages to do the documentation of my work.  
Studio Journals Mini Workshop is posted on KathyAnne Art and since it is the workshop of the month it is free to members.  Go to my INSIDE KATHYANNEART BLOG for details.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Studio Journals

The month is more then half over and last night I realized that I haven’t posted since for weeks.   Where does the time go?  My studio is full of bits and pieces of unfinished work for new workshops in the works.  I am constantly thinking of how I can take what I do and teach informative workshops in a one day format.  It is always a challenging proposition.  Then of course my monthly enews needs to be finished and a new workshop posted on my KathyAnneArt site.  At least I know my workshop will be about how I create my studio journal/sketchbooks. It will be a video workshop and posted by the end of the month.  Probably the video will record on Thursday but my deadlines for that are loose:) 
Since Sue Bleiweiss invited me to be a guest blogger for her Sketchbook Challenge and then included my art and sketchbook for a certain project in her new book due in June 2012, I have been working on a plan to create sketchbooks/journals based on my current work.  It is easy to see that when photographs are taken of my beverage can installations and some of my other digital assemblages, the viewer doesn’t get the full idea of what goes into the artwork.  When a viewer is standing in front of one of my large beverage can wall pieces the statement I hear the most is- “but where are the beverage cans?”  When I pair that with the experience of creating artwork for Sue’s book, I see how important it is to keep records of what happens in my studio.  
So today as I was feeling frustrated with some results I was having with one of my projects for a new workshop idea I sat down with my studio journal and before I was done writing I knew what I wanted to do.  I blurred out a word or 2.  There are also a couple other pages from my studio journal from a couple months ago.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beverage Cans and Crochet

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Colorado on a trip that combines business and pleasure.  Why is it that whenever I leave my studio for a bit I think I have to set up all sorts of work on the road?   Then even as I drag the work in progress with me, I could never possibly finish much of it when I am out of town.  Case in point today while trying to clean my studio a bit and get a little further on some of the projects for deadline, I get involved in setting up the pieces to continue work on my 4 foot tall Forest Book.  This page involves beverage cans and crocheted hemp.  So even when I should be packing, I am cutting cans and punching holes in them to string them on hemp to crochet while I am out of town.   At least I had the cans printed from a few weeks ago, so I wasn't varnishing them in a hurry to get them ready to string. 
Looks like this right now as I work through the pile to punch holes:) to add to the crochet section.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Trying to make sense in my studio lately is a massive job.  Working on ebooks and creating new workshops helps me make a serious mess.  It never fails - one minute the studio has all sorts of room on my 4- 4 x 8 foot tables and as soon as I get going there is stuff everywhere.  Plus out my sliding door I find myself looking at 4 huge plastic bags of uncut beverage cans.  Need to get tons of stuff done this week.
So instead of working I'm multi tasking - working out and writing at the same time.  Our property has a 700 foot driveway from gate to studio. This invigorating incline is the perfect place to do intervals. It's a favorite thing of mine to use the driveway for a workout-a quick 45 minute up and down and I'm done.  In many of my previous times I get all sorts of ideas about my artwork and I had to run into my studio to grab some paper and pen before  continuing on my way. Now I carry a little 3.5" x 5" sketch book to scribble while I walk.  Yes I could record instead, but what fun is that.
Great news in the mail yesterday.  My piece Mariposa Grove won an award in the Yosemite Museum Gallery show.  Yosemite Renaissance XXVI.   It was a nice surprise and accompanied by a check.  Mariposa Grove Is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world.  Thinking of taking a trip there before the end of the year.  Spending time in that forest early in the morning when you are virtually alone except for the animals and the trees gives me such a sense of peace and well being.  The grove is a brilliant environment.  Yosemite National Park is one of those places you have to see to believe. 
Time to be in my studio picking between the jobs on my agenda.