Saturday, July 14, 2007

FInished piece "Textures From Life"

This is the finished piece. All the elements have not been pictured in the blog. There are 16 compositions that make up the completed art work.

In starting this, the idea had been to do a textured board book. After creating enough of the pages on the board base, it was easy to see that the elements didn't work in that format. The dead trees in front of the studio became the hanging rods. A quick trip to an import store gave the base of the small bird houses.

The bird houses were repainted and filled with little textural pieces. A miniature yo-yo quilt, beaded pieces of bark, a couple of long tags with photographs and fabric assemblages attached, these are among a few of the items that found a new home inside the bird cages. The bottom surface of both cages have a pattern made from a tree at the Grand Canyon, printed and transfered to the surface of a piece of burlap. Placing these items in the bird cages tied everything together.

Depicted here is the finished piece along with a detail of the textured surfaces from the side.

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