Friday, July 6, 2007

"Textures From Life"

Back to back pages in this book. Well actually now that the parts are all finished, this was finalized into another configuration completely. The book just didn't show all the detail easily. Once all the pages have been depicted, I will share the final look.

The base here is board. For the top page at the top--gel media is used to attach a digital print on hand made paper, the print is covered with a piece of fiberglass screen. On the screen lays a digitally manipulated picture printed on matte paper. The words ACHIEVE, DESIRE, ENLIVEN, CREATE, INSPIRE, PLAY, THRIVE and SURRENDER, have been printed on fabric, cut out and then attached with beading to the screen. Black leather cording holds the page to the branch at the top.

The second image is on the back side of the same board. Once again there is a digital print on the board attached with gel media. The next layer up is hand dyed cheesecloth and then fiberglass screen added on the top layer. A concert program cover has been cut and folded and machine stitched to the screen. Attached to that are rehearshal photos from the show. These photos have been printed on matte paper, rolled and attached to the top layer with wire.

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