Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Using Lutradur in Art Work

This is Kauri 22, which is part of a series created after my returning from a trip to New Zealand. My Kauri series is the first place lutradur was used for a digital printing surface in my art work. The piece is composed of a digital print on lutradur and twill. The twill was pleated after printing. Also included in Kauri 22 are canvas and burlap that has been dyed. The canvas is cut and pieced randomly. The burlap is pleated. All the components were then cut and sewn into an assemblage that is attached to canvas with large stitches for finishing. Kauri 22 appeared in an article in Quilting Arts Magazine-Winter 2006-Issue 24-"In the Spotlight" Section.

In the detail, you can see the printed lutradur at the top of the photograph.

Lutradur is one of my favorite surfaces for printing my digital images. When using this unique surface to run through your printer, first coat it with an ink aid. My choice is White matte precoat from inkAID. You can purchase this product from . The surface is brushed with the liquid, dried over night and then printed. Since lutradur is porous, 2 sheets can be stacked so some of the coating will seep to the bottom layer. This way less of the liquid product used will be wasted. When coating lutradur, be sure to use plastic underneath the textiles.

Lutradur has a parchment type look when printed. Soft and strong, lutradur is easily sewn into a composition, so using it in art quilts is no problem. For books and mixed media projects it is durable and can be painted. You can contact me with questions on this wonderful textile.

Kauri 22 and 2 other Kauri pieces have been juried into "Creative Force 2007". This Art Quilt Exhibit will open at the International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival Houston Texas October 27-November 4, 2007. The show will travel from there.


  1. Love your colors and textures in this piece -- it makes you want to touch the piece. Fantastic!

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