Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta Testing

Recently I was invited to join the Beta Testing team for the new Photoshop from Adobe- CS5.  Like the rest of the prerelease team, I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I can't say anything about the new features or what features I used in the creation of this image, until the software is released.  What I can say is that this version of Photoshop is incrediblel.  There are new features that have so much potential for what I do that I am excited to use them in my work.  

Being on this team has been an awesome experience.  In general the software is faster and improved.  As usual Adobe's team does a great job.  Reading all the information on the forum has taught me a lot. It's just been exciting to be included on this team. 

The news will be out on this software soon, so keep watch for it. Photoshop is something I could not do without and it's always inspiring to get into their new ideas.

At the top is the image recently finished with CS5. The image at the bottom, is the original photo.  The bark photo is a Kauri tree from the Waipoua Forest, on the north island of New Zealand.  

This print will be printed 4 times, each one on different weights of lutradur. .  The base will be a crocheted hemp panel and as the lutradur is heat distressed, the print will be layered and assembled into the crochet.  The study that was done for this piece is on my texture blog. I am still not sure what the finished size will be, but at this time the proposed size will be 24" wide and 96" to 120" in length.  Size could depend on when I run out of hemp.   

Mariposa Grove 3 and this Kauri piece will be the last of the pieces for the Yavapai College Gallery Show that will open this May.  Lots of work to do by then.  All the other work is complete. Loved working with the new Photoshop to complete this image and I am looking forward to continue working with this dynamite program as I get the new Creative Suite 5

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