Friday, March 5, 2010

Studio Matters

It's been an exciting week and there is so much going on in my studio.  Tomorrow I leave to teach 5 workshops at the Alaska Fiber Festival.  This caused a serious problem with packing enough supplies, etc to get my 2 suitcases under 50 lbs each:)   I would love to move my whole studio any time I teach a workshop, but that is not happening.  So I get as many things for the students to use as I can and have to walk away from the rest.

Also this week, Adobe invited me to join the expanded prerelease program for their new Photoshop CS5.  This is the part where you get to see what is coming up, play with the software in a beta version and find bugs and see what makes it crash.  Of course, I already had a full week planned, but I just couldn't resist working with CS5.  Since I signed a confidentiality agreement, I can't share anything about the program. Now my goal is to work on Photoshop everyday to contribute to the process.  The next couple of days will be tough with traveling, but there are some new images in the works and these would be great ones to create with CS5.

  Crocheted hemp, crocheted wire, twigs, textural work in progress.

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