Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alaska Fiber Festival Notes

Just returned from teaching in Anchorage Alaska at Alaska Fiber Festival.  It was amazing and an incredible amount of fun!  The work the students created turned out great!

During the Extreme Textural Surfaces participants stretched and experimented with elements, then developed textures and fresh ideas.

In the digital printing workshop, my little Epson PM 260 printed over 72 prints and all of them wonderful color.  Luckily the assistant that helped with all the printing was fabulous and was equal to the task.  (Thanks, Natalie:)

Then there was the watercolor paper journal class.  Every journal created showed the personality of the artist.

The last 2 workshops entailed freehand cutting and piecing techniques.  This way of working is always a challenge and the participants got it together on that subject..

All in all it was an exciting creative time.  Everyone involved in the festival did a wonderful job.  The fashion show and the quilt show were outstanding.  Glad to have been there.

The subject of textures appears in my work often and after spending 2 days in the classroom working with textural surfaces, I have decided to start posting a texture a week.  This will happen on one of my other blogs-  Every week a new texture will appear, setting up some of the ideas I working on for my next ebook "Extreme Textural Surfaces".  The more I explore the more I discover, so creating a new textural surface every week will assist me in pushing beyond what I have been thinking and developing with textures.  Of course digital prints will be one of the main elements, but who knows where this will take me.  Check it out today, the first post is already up.

Thanks to everyone in Alaska,  it was great!  You all rock!!!

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