Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting the Week

Not too much work going on last week- had our grandson here till yesterday.  He's 2 and he's really good at it-lol- so between him and the new puppy it was pretty wild and not much working time.  

Today I will be finishing an article for Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web.  Recycling is the topic and the piece for the magazine is uses paperback book pages for a journal.  There is a new twist to the journal piece in which is excerpted from  an upcoming ebook.  Check out WOW- there are many interesting articles and writers and Maggie is well know for her work, workshops and books. 
Also on tap for this week is my monthly workshop for KathyAnne Art Members.  The workshop will be about digital printing in some form.  Still working out the details.  Thinking it will concern printing light weight silk and take a video form.  I want the surface to be thin enough so that any pass through printer will work.  I'll test it on my Epson Picture Mate Charm to see what type of printer will work.
Don't forget. I am teaching "Not Just Digital Printing" in my studio July 16 and 17 in a few weeks.  Two spots left. 

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