Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another New Printer

Two weeks ago my Epson Stylus Photo R2400 gave up.  I returned to my studio one afternoon and there was ink leaking out of the printer and on the desk.  To make a long story short it was an end of life problem. Never knew there was such a thing, but if I had a PC that is what the message from the epson utilities would have been.  They say you don't get that error message on a Mac.  Seems the ink pads that collect the ink cannot be replaced on that printer or actually any in that class and when you do a lot of printing it happens sooner then in lightly used printers.  Amazing, but from research with Epson I found out it is expensive to fix, better to get new.  HMMMM and my R2400 was working so well for me.  Traveling to conferences for years, oh well.

That brings me to my new Epson Stylus Photo R3000-once again Epson has seriously improved that size printer since 2007 which is when I purchased my R2400.  I may have gotten along with my Epson 7890 (see my blog post from March 19, 2011) except that I don't want to print beverage cans on it.  The R3000 is really wonderful.  It prints a little thicker paper than the 2400 so printing metal mesh, beverage cans, heavy weight canvas, papers and fabrics are a snap.  The pic here is set up for a 7 can print.  I had to change one of my type of carrier sheets.  The cans print best when using the Epson Presentation Matte paper for a carrier sheet.  They of course have to be really smooth, no creases or anything and taped well on the edges, but I easily printed  30 cans or so and they look great.  It also did a great job on some new brass looking metal mesh I have.

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