Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Unraveled Workshops in August

Thought I would give everyone a look at some constructions of studies that will spill over to my Art Unraveled workshops that take place in August right here in Arizona, Phoenix to be exact.

On the first day of Art Unraveled August 2nd I will be teaching "Dimensional Collage with Digital Medium". There is nothing better then to incorporate digital pieces into your artwork.  Printing images on alternative surfaces is an amazing way to add texture and fabulous design elements to your art.  

For the Dimensional Collage Workshop I will be printing each students images before the workshop so they will have their images on the following surfaces-lutradur, tyvek, cotton and watercolor paper.  These surfaces will then be used to create collage for their pieces.  Magic happens when the students start to mix all sorts of other items into their collage.  There will be all sorts of items from my studio stash for students to use as we create their work.

Starting with smaller studies as a warm up, we will move on to putting those ideas together into either an art book or stand alone collage.  Each student will have original work that is clearly their own.  

As for my other workshop at Art Unraveled, "Can-Can Art" August 9th, we are going to go over how you can digitally print beverage cans.  Once everyone has been through that process and has a couple flattened and coated cans to take home to print, we will play with making things from  beverage cans.  
Student kits will include printed cans and there will be extras if you run out.  It is amazing how cans can be used to create art or interest to collage and art pieces.  If you are still looking for a workshop to take at Art Unraveled this year, join us.

Here are some pictures or details of some of my can art.

Join us!

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